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  2. Hockey is expensive, and seemingly more expensive by the day. How did your parents, who had five children, get three boys all the way through minor hockey in the city?

    PS: Many, many sacrifices. And help. They did receive help from people. But they made very, very, very big sacrifices.

    How much of a threat do you think the cost of playing hockey is to the future of the game in Canada?

    PS: [jumps in quickly] Huge threat. Huge threat, because you’re missing a big part of the population, in terms of being able to afford to play the sport. So what does that mean? That means you’re missing out on talent for the game, you’re missing out on potential interest for the game, you’re missing out on growth for the game. You’re missing out on a lot of things. When you look at soccer, it’s the most popular sport in the world. Why? Because everybody can play it … so everybody feels welcome.


    Why does hockey seem to place so much value on conformity?

    PS: Especially as Canadians, people are very, very passionate about the sport. It’s something where, there’s a respect for hockey. You have to respect the game. And I think it’s very important to put that emphasis on players to respect the game. Because it is our national sport, and this is the way we want our game to be. But by the same token, I also believe this: I also believe that 722 players aren’t all the same, and you have to be who you are. So I will never judge somebody because they want to be who they are. It’s not about being different. It’s not about being different from everybody else. It’s about being who you are.

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    If this was the show, I’d watch it every day.

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    the queen wearing a hoodie whilst driving a range rover


    “the thug life chose me”

    Not to mention that’s the most royal fuckin hoodie it’s floral and it has bobby pins in it to KEEP IT ON HER HEAD.

    This is art.

    have you guys ever heard of scarves?

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    So it has come to my attention that some/many of you haven’t seen this Tazer article from 2012 in THN’s magazine. The above are a few excerpts that I wanted to highlight, given the recent Johnny T discussions going around. I scanned it in with the…

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    then and now

    The unlikely sequel to Less Than Zero - Avengers: Age of Ultron

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  10. yunuen:

    movies that need to happen: Black Widow (2014)

    Do you know what it’s like to be unmade?”